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Patrick Farneman

Educator & Maker , Bridges to the Past in Valley United States

Patrick has spent his lifetime acquiring and teaching the skills of our ancestors. He is proficient in many areas and claims to be good with clay, hide tanning, and is a competent blade smith. He is a founding board member of Bridges to the Past, and the organizer of Between the Rivers Gathering, an annual weeklong workshop in ancestral skills. His formal education includes a bachelor's in art and education, and a Master degree in clinical social work. He resides in Valley, WA with his wife, Kamber and daughter, Mandy, and a few assorted animals.

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Between the Rivers Gathering

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 13, 2019

Patrick Farneman says in his presentation..."Between the Rivers Gathering is like a maker space campout where participants learn ancestral skills such as hide tanning, blacksmithing, weaving, firemaking and other amazing activities."