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Olivia Stark

Artist/Painter in Columbia Falls, MT United States

Olivia Stark was born in Kalispell Montana in 1964 and is a mixed media artist and painter. She began her Fine Arts Degree in the late 90’s with an emphasis on psychology and dance. In the last 10 years her work has centered around the transmutation of internalized events through movement and abstract expression.

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Painted Through the Lens of Life

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

Two dimensional art often occurs through a process of discovery combined with release. Finding the perfect color, tone and spatial composition is key to expressing thoughts and ideas in a way that can be felt by others. Olivia Stark is dedicated to her work in this way and it shows through her abstract paintings which are filled with color, poise and clarity. She walks us through recent works that draw directly from her personal experiences and emotional processing of the world around us.

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Kalispell @ Sassafras Ballroom
Apr 05, 2019