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Nyla Thomas

Tour Operator in LAWSON Australia

I grew up in a large farming community of the North Island of New Zealand and moved to Sydney in 1980, where I lived and worked in inner Sydney for 10 years. I moved to the Blue Mountains in 1990 and have lived in Lawson since then.
I have been taking people to historical Mt Wilson to see the majestic gardens for five years. Then four years ago started up the Farmgate Tours. I have forged strong links with local communities and regions. I have gained the respect of farmers on my Farmgate Tours and garden owners on my Garden Tours. Four new tours were created in 2014 after a local tourism body suggested I get more involved in the local tourism industry. The four new tours utilise the experience of locals who have been in the tourism business long-term. As the majority of locations are off the beaten track, it’s a welcome addition to have access to these places by people who choose to leave their cars at home, or for international tourists who choose not to hire a car. So visitors to the Blue Mountains can join with others on the same quest to have a great experience and helping to save the environment at the same time.

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The Cat's Pyjamas

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

A conversation with Nyla Thomas who was driven away from serious forensic police work into an experience of natural beauty on offer in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Nyla explains how having a dream and making it come true can give you many rewards - whether you're enjoy stunning views or vistas, or it's horse riding or cycling across valleys and bushlands, or sampling good food and wine, there's bound to be a dream that's right for you.
Even if you are a cat.

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Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
Feb 06, 2015