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Nitisha Kashyap

Fine Art Artist, Jo's Art Gallery

I'm an Indian national, living in Brunei for the last three years.

Holding a degree in Social Science and Bachelors in teaching, I started off teaching Social Sciences in Senior School back home.

I've always had a strong inclination towards Fine Arts but never trained formally. It was only two years back that I've returned to painting, though, and ever since, I've been pursuing it rather seriously. My speciality is oil painting and I've always loved illusionist art. I have tried bringing elements of my culture into my painting with the use bright and bold colors and themes.

Whoever is interested in art and creativity interests me, and I look forward help the development their talent.

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Colors of Passion

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 19, 2015

"Never did I realize that she was gifting me something very valuable. This gift was something that was going to help me in my life to looks towards it with a purpose."

In Colors of Passion from PechaKucha Night Bandar Seri Begawan Vol. 6Nitisha Kashyap shares how art is more than just a mere past-time.

Nitisha has had a passion for art since she was a young girl. When she landed in a foreign country with no friends and no idea of how things would be, she became depressed and lost her passion for living. As time passed, she fatefully met the owner of Jo Art Gallery & Decor who offered a position in which she can teach others how to paint. 

She believes that making art brings joy to others.

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Bandar Seri Begawan @ The Energy Kitchen
Dec 19, 2015