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Nicole Dextras

Artist + Designer, Nicole Dextras in Vancouver Canada

Nicole Dextras is a graduate of Emily Carr and she has exhibited her artwork in Canada, the USA and in Asia. Her art practice is based in social interventions and environmental installation, rooting nature to our everyday urban experience. Known for her series of plant-based garments called Weedrobes, she is currently developing three short films where she is designing elaborate ecological costumes for survivors of a dystopian future devastated by fires, droughts and floods.

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A Dressing the Future

@ VOL 49 ON JUN 27, 2019

Nicole Dextras creates all sorts of characters in her shared studio on Granville Island. She worked for 10 years as a set and costume designer for local theatre companies and she eventually found her true passion in environmental art and working with ephemeral plant-based materials. Her process is driven by experimentation and she is known for working with unconventional materials. “While it may be impractical to wear clothing made from leaves, our future depends on the growth of sustainable resources.”