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Natalie Anderson

Barber, Beardsgaard Barbers in Batavia United States

Natalie Anderson, also known as the Blademaiden, is a wildly enthusiastic and often wildly inappropriate barber and business owner living and working in Batavia, Illinois. She is one of the married pair of mom and pop founders of Beardsgaard Barbers and River Peak Apothecary men's grooming brand, as well as an education ambassador (called a Scumbassador) for Reuzel Pomade by way of Schorem Barbier.
Even in industries as thoroughly dominated by men as the military, luxury tech, and the barbershop, she built a business and brand by following the laws, but rarely the rules. Breaking the mold requires a willingness to venture into uncharted territory and just hope to the old gods and the new that it works.

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Go Your Own Way: On Embracing the SNAFUs, FUBARs, and Clusterf***s of Life and Business

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 10, 2016

Natalie Anderson has always been a writer and artist at heart, but life’s detours dropped her off in the very manly world of barbering instead. The journey there went through art school and the Army, late night bars and other countries, and, somehow, right back to her creative beginnings.

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Batavia @ Island View Banquets (at Batavia VFW)
Nov 10, 2016