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Nabeela Najjar

Costume/Fashion Designer, College for creative studies in Detroit, MI United States

My name is Nabeela Najjar and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I was homeschooled up until college and attended the College for Creative Studies where I recently graduated in December of 2016. At CCS I majored in the crafts department with a focus in Fiber and Textiles design. In Fibers I dabbled around with fashion design until I realized I had more of an interest in costume design. Today I consider myself to be both a fashion designer as well as a costume designer. However, my heart leans more toward costume! I make garments that are not meant to be worn everyday. My work usually has a concept and I am heavily influenced by dreams and nature and I believe that shows in my work.

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Fashionable Detroit

@ VOL 32 ON JUN 29, 2017

As a fashion and costume designer, Nabeela Najjar creates garments that are heavily influenced by dreams and nature. She recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies where she focused on fiber and textiles design.

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Detroit @ Tangent Gallery
Jun 29, 2017