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Mustafa Naeem

Architect, Founder, Mustafa Naeem Architects in Islamabad Pakistan

Mustafa Naeem graduated from the National College of Arts in 2004 and has worked in prestigious architectural design studios for more than 8 years in Lahore and Karachi. He later started his own practice in Lahore by the name of “Mustafa Naeem Architects” and are currently engaged in projects in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Islamabad. Though their focus had been residential sector, they have now grown to tackle large commercial, residential and interior projects both in the private and public sector.

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An Architect's Journey

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 10, 2018

As an architect, Mustafa Naeem came across challenges and different styles in architecture and how he is still learning how vast this field is. Whenever he began to think about all he had achieved as a professional and felt that he had just about made it, something new would crop out of the corner. Mustafa's message to people and students of architecture is to keep exploring and discovering one's skills, and to more importantly to never quit.



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Islamabad @ Behbud Cafe
Mar 10, 2018