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Muhammad Amrullah

Rapper, broadcaster in Jakarta Indonesia

KOJEK, whose real name is Muhammad Amrullah, started his career in 2007. After winning a series of rap battle, KOJEK slowly stepped into the spotlight. He began working specifically in 'Betawi' rap flow as a tribute for his late father. The unique combination of Betawi Gambang Kromong traditional music meets hip-hop makes him stands out in local scene.

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D.I.Y Music Hero

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

As a rapper, Muhammad Amrullah or mostly known as KOJEK, feels concerned that children nowadays has no age-appropriate music to sing along to. This is what motivates him to initiate 'Si Kecil Untuk Bangsa Yang Besar' (SKUBYB) project, where he teaches underpriviledged children to create their own music through freestyle rap. His dream is to encourage and produced more songs for children all across the nation, so that children can also found their confidence throughout music.