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Mubeen Ali

Student, NUST Business School in Islamabad Pakistan

Muhammad Mubeen Ali is an undergrad student at NUST Business School currently pursuing his BBA degree. He is a passionate and a patriotic individual who loves to travel across his country, Pakistan. He is also a hobbyist photographer and with the help of his photography, he shows the true richness of his country. His passion has led him to the magnificent mountains of the Karakoram and Hindu Kush as well as to the architectural wonders present in the form of palaces as well as forts in the southern regions of the country. He visits these places with a group of friends and family who are equally enthusiastic about travelling and exploring. Currently his aim is to change the image of Pakistan in the international media and improve the tourism industry of the country to match its potential. For the purpose he aims to create a Brand “Gallivant To Glory” which will represent him and his ideas in times to come.
He has been a part of the Organizing Committee of “The Trekkers Meetup” for the past two years and is an executive member of NUST Adventure Club.
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Southern Punjab: A tapestry of unsung legacies

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 17, 2018

Mubeen Ali presents on his travels to Bahawalpur and its outskirts with its magnificent palaces, constructed under the Nawab rule, including Noor Mahal, the Royal Graveyard of the Nawabs, Derawar Fort, Sadiq Garh Palace. Moving on to Multan, Mustafa Gohar speak of the shrines of Shah Rukn e Alam, Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya, and Shrine of Shah Shams Sabzwari.

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Islamabad @ Sattar Baksh
Feb 17, 2018