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Morphologie ENSAN

Etudiants en architecture

Anthony CLOCHARD, Clotaire TISSEAU et Lucas AUTON, Etudiants de Licence 2 ENSA Nantes 2016-2017.

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Morphogénèse 2 : Le sauvage et l’artifice

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

ENSAN. Morphogénèse 2, 9 of march, 2017, 6.30 pm – The varnishing of the exhibition begin in the Maison de l’Architecture des Pays de la Loire. About forty students in architecture show their works of morphology, the study of forms. Since the first-year classes to the exhibition, we have come a long way, punctuated by model of study, by the learning of digitals, building and modeling tools. It’s this new adventure that tree students in second year of architecture will present to you.