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Molly Ward

Manager at The Farm Patch, The Farm Patch in Bryan United States

Army brat who has settled in Bryan, TX after graduating from Texas A&M University. Mother of two incredible people, and happiest when I get to be outdoors. While I'm a full-time manager of an amazing outdoor produce market, I also lead yoga sessions, am a member of a cover band, and am finally putting myself out there to lead foraging classes around town. I love reminding people that the Earth is constantly providing for us!

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Wild at Heart

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 27, 2018

Molly Hagan-Ward knows from experience, that once you start wondering about what all the wild plants around you have to offer, you never stop! Let her encourage you to learn about the abundance that the earth is constantly providing. Whether outside your own front door, at work, or at your local park, there is green magic around every corner!

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Bryan @ Grand Stafford Theater
Nov 27, 2018