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Michelle Sutton

in Katoomba Australia

Michelle is an Australian blogger and advocate, with a background in education and psychology.
Michelle is part of a neurodiverse family- she is wife to a Bipolar husband and mother of 6, one Bipolar and two Autistic- and takes joy in all the unique characteristics represented in them all.
You can find Michelle’s record of her journey as a parent, along with other things that catch her attention, by visiting and her Facebook page of the same name.
Michelle writes specifically about Autism at her blog
You can also find Michelle on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Ello and StumbleUpon by searching for Mamapyjama

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A Different Kind of Normal

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

How being a parent to Autistic children has changed her as a person and why she writes about it. Compelling communication. Follow Michelle Sutton's blog here:

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Blue Mountains @ The Carrington
Nov 21, 2014