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Michael Leung

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Furniture Design 家具设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

他分享的主要是一些设计产品和家具, 也有商标或小册子和视觉等的平面设计. 这些设计也曾在荷兰设计周展出,也在米兰等地展出。“专注的是概念,我们旨做概 念设计。目前进行的项目的主题是语言与设计。会发现语言哲学和设计在本质上其实是很相似的,所以我们创建一种文化特色设计的设计方法。’’他说道。

Michael Leung 梁展邦

Michael shared some of their main design products and furniture and also some graphics design such as logos, booklets and visual identities. These designs have been exhibited in Milan and many other places. Their attention to "idea", aimed to make their design conceptual. "The subject of our current project is about language and design". "We believe language philosophy and design are similar in essence, so we are creating a new culture and a characteristic design method''.