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Michael Elkan

Photographer / Founder, Michael Elkan Photography in Vancouver Canada

Michael Elkan studied architecture and photography at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. He went on to an international career as an architect, in London, Berlin, and Tokyo. Making photographs has always been integral to his
architectural career. Michael now works as a photographer based in Vancouver. When not photographing buildings for his clients, Michael travels to remote places in the world, making photographs that express his personal concern for environmental stewardship.

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Visual Tectonics

@ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

Photography and architecture are very closely related. It is through photographic images that architecture is widely seen, known and understood. Architects think in space-time dimensions but usually employ 2D media to develop their ideas. Architecture is truly experienced only in real space, time and scale. The photographer’s task is to reverse engineer that reality through acute observation and to construct a relatively small 2D image that begins to evoke the experience of being there.