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My point is, just Meridian Health Protocol because we can get whatever we want, whenever we want it doesn't mean that it's always a good thing.Let's address just one way that you can eat better, right away. This happens to be one of my preferred ways of eating because it is really simple.Eat Seasonally whenever possible.There are two benefits to seasonal eating.The first is cost. My favorite way of deciding what to pick up when it comes to fruits and vegetables is to see what is on sale at the market or what they have a lot of. Usually the produce that is in season will be the most abundant. Good for you, bad for the Market. They need to get rid of it before it turns.Take advantage of it! This is particularly helpful if you're shopping on a budget or if you're shopping for a larger family.The only downsides are storage and preparing the foods before they go bad. In my opinion, that's the worst part about fruits and vegetables- they have a very specific shelf life, if you will. This is also, by the way, one of the greatest benefits to eating fresh fruits and vegetables; since they spoil, you don't have to worry as much about what sort of processing your food has been through on its way to you.This brings me right into the second big benefit of seasonal eating.You know where your food came from. Maybe you don't know the exact farm or the farmer who grew your food, but you do know that it didn't have to travel thousands of miles to end up in your hands. Having your food grown closer to where you live gives it the chance to be better for you. There will be less processing, less handling by the middle men and also a lower price point because your food wouldn't have had to travel nearly as far.