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Meredith Meeks

Filmmaker in Flagstaff United States

Hello! I'm a filmmaker directing my craft towards social and environmental issues. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, I am proud of my roots and hold them dear to my heart. After Hurricane Katrina, I relocated to New Hampshire, Southern France, and eventually out to the Colorado Rockies. I received a Bachelors in Film & New Media from Colorado College. I am currently located in Flagstaff, Arizona where I embrace the desert and the vibrant culture inspired by it.

I believe in the power of film to ignite change. My mission is to use filmmaking to educate people about issues, inspire them to get involved, and take them to different places in order to show them another perspective. I aim to fully immerse myself in an atmosphere in order to create a compelling story. I believe the best way to learn about a place and its people is by putting myself in unique situations that push me to think differently. So far, in my career, I've spent a season as a fisherwoman in Bristol Bay, Alaska to learn about the salmon industry; immersed myself in the Nepali culture for two months while documenting the damage following the Gorkha Earthquake; jumped into a Mexican surfing community devoted to diminishing plastic pollution in our oceans; explored how the Grand Canyon has changed the lives of three compelling artists; biked-toured all they way up to Arctic Ocean on the Dalton Highway to explore why wilderness matters to me; and hiked through New Zealand for three months pretending I was a hobbit (not joking). I look forward to my next adventure and I hope you can be a part of it.

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Painting Nepal - Documenting the Adventure

@ VOL 4 ON MAR 02, 2017

Meredith Meeks shares the experience of artists going through a transformational period in their career. Bruce Aiken is a world renowned painter of the Grand Canyon and has devoted his life to capturing its beauty through his artwork. Now he has left the bottom of the world's most iconic canyon, to travel to top of the world - the Himalayas. For 33 years, Bruce lived in the Canyon with his wife and children, relentlessly painting the scenery around him. At age 66, Bruce was rattling his cage. His goal was to paint different scenery. But what he discovered was something different -neither expected nor calculated. Tashi Tsering is a mountain guide and community leader from Nepal. He met Bruce while guiding him through the Himalaya to Gokyo Ri - the ideal vantage point for Bruce's paintings. On their trek, Tashi shared his life altering story from the Gorkha Earthquake in 2015. He lost his wife, his daughter, and members of his extended family. His home village of Langtang lost their elders, their homes, and their economic lifeline - the tourism industry. Tashi is currently working to rebuild his village and preserve their culture for future generations. He told Bruce of the reconstruction efforts that begun immediately following the earthquake in April 2015. Tashi's story moved Bruce to go to Langtang to witness the devastation firsthand. Bruce started taking in beyond the landscape - but began painting people.

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Flagstaff @ Firecreek Coffee
Mar 02, 2017