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Melissa Lanham

Choreographer, Self Employed in Sunshine Coast Australia

An Australian woman who genuinely loves her life.
I am a choreographer and teacher of 25 years experience both in Australia and overseas. As an independant artist I have had the opportunity to teach, choreograph, create and facilitate dance works and projects all over the world. With lots of new initiatives and projects being prepared for 2018 .

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Arts/life, Dance/life

@ VOL 24 ON NOV 14, 2017

Melissa Lanham is an independent dance artist with over 25 years in the arts industry both here and overseas. Based on the Sunshine Coast, she has been in constant work as a teacher and Choreographer.  Her latest work 'Vincent' which Premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Fest 2016 and to Newcastle and Melbourne to rave reviews originated here on the Sunshine Coast. In this presentation she shares some of her tips and inspiration! 

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Sunshine Coast @ Majestic Cinemas
Nov 14, 2017