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Meagan Jain

Artist in Atlanta United States

I work to provide safe and vulnerable spaces for young and Elder adults to reimagine and redefine what it means to connect, create, and find new meanings within themselves to bring a new wave of ideas, images, and imaginations of age and the aging process.

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Ageless Interaction(s)

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 22, 2016

Meagan Jain shares her project, Ageless Interaction.

Everyone has a birthday therefore we all age and Meagan comes to ask the question, how will you age? Will you go kicking and fighting or will you go with the flow and fall into old age? 

Through college Meagn found that the elderly were missing out on a personal connections with other folk. She began to fill this gap by setting up a group that visited and visitied with elderly folk around the city. From that, Meagan founded Ageless Interaction. List in as she tells PKN ATL of her journey and where it has led her. 

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Atlanta @ Elevator Factory
May 22, 2016