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Maya Sanchez

Mayor / Director of Account Planning, City of San Elizario / Ghostlight Creative in San Elizario United States

I'm a mayor. I'm an ad woman. But most importantly, I love my community. It's not every day you're given the opportunity to create a city from scratch and the way I see it, we have the chance to do A LOT of things right rather than doing the status quo. In my free time, I enjoy working along side my husband as we build up our little homestead. Some chickens, just became beekeepers and next year, goats. I may be from the city but my blood runs country.

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So You Created A City, Now What?

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 29, 2017

The honorable Mayor of the City of San Elizario, Maya Sanchez tells the story of a group of determined individuals worked tirelessly to save their community by creating a new city in 2013. As president of this group, it was assumed that Maya would run for mayor, but she almost did not. However, having birthed this new entity, she quickly realized that she and the group of community organizers that made it happen must not stop with it’s creation and ensure that the young City was set on the right path. Maya shares how the oldest community in Texas became its newest city with the story of the City of San Elizario from 1598 to 2017.

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El Paso @ EPCF Foundation Room
Jun 29, 2017