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Martin van der Linden

Architect, van der Architects

ORANDA-JIMA HOUSE - An after school facility and community centre for Yamada-machi, a small town on the cost of Northern Japan that was almost completely destroyed after the tsunami of March 2011.
Build as an afterschool facility - community centre for the children and people of Yamada machi. The programme asked for a flexible building of around 200m2 to accommodate about 60 children to be used for their after school activities. Children will be using the space from around 15:00 until early evening when their parents picks them up. Before 15:00 and in the weekends, the space can be used as a community centre. 

Criteria for design:
We believe that architecture is about movement within space. Our designs take full advantage of this mobility, and by doing so we craft an immersive experience through architecture, with constantly changing viewpoints. Our building materials are not limited to wood, metal and concrete. We also consider light, shadow, reflection, colour and silence to be crucial components.
Our experience of space has always been filtered through context. Contextual factors such as geography, climate, weather, light, materials and the structure’s immediate surroundings have always posed creative limitations. Initially, architecture was created out of its immediate surroundings. For example, if you were to build a hut, you used the trees, mud, grass and stones that surrounded you. Because of this, early architecture was grouped into a village or collection of houses with a shared sameness, contextually. We can still see examples of this all around the world.
Due to technical advances, the contextual limitations of the past are becoming less and less influential: when it is dark, we switch on the light, and when it is cold, we turn on the heater.  Construction has allowed us to create our own context. We as architects today are free to build anything, anywhere in almost any shape that we can dream up. It is ironic that despite this technological freedom, we still build hotels, office towers, shopping malls and restaurants — even the homes where the world’s population lives their lives — that all look fairly alike. 
Maybe we have forgotten that there are sensitivities to our context that create and shape our identity through these spaces. Human beings — all animals, in fact — are highly sensitive to space. Perhaps we feel lonely, sad, angry, loveless or generally depressed due to our inability to satisfy a deep need to connect and retreat within a space that we can call our own.
Architecture has the ability to create possible worlds through construction. However, I think that architecture should be a manner of looking at the context again and reinforce the unique contextual elements that are there. The uniqueness should not come from the shape of the space, although this could be an element of the design as well, of course. I think that uniqueness should consider the context to be the starting point. As such, architecture will act as a modal filter of context and will help to create a space, which, when walked through, helps us experience what in the end becomes the space’s identity.

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Orandajima House 

@ VOL 119 ON NOV 26, 2014

Tokyo-based architect Martin van der Linden (van der Architects) takes us on a tour of one of his latest projects, the Orandajima House, an after-school facility and community centre in Yamada-machi, a small town on the cost of Northern Japan that was almost completely destroyed after the tsunami of March 2011.

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New Air France Lounge at Bangkok Airport

@ VOL 150 ON SEP 27, 2017

A design project journeys through ideas, technical challenges, and fruition. Through the newly opened Air France lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Architect Martin van der Linden promises to shed light on this curious world where creative thinking collides with reality.

アイデアや技術の挑戦を通じ実を結ぶまで、デザインプロジェクトの旅は続きます。タイのスワンナプーム空港に新しくオープンしたエールフランスのラウンジでは、建築家のMartin van der Lindenさんが、クリエイティブ思考を現実に見事に落とし込んだ、興味深い世界に明かりを灯すことを約束します!

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Sep 27, 2017

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Nov 26, 2014