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Mark Medlin

IT Project Manager, Mission Health in Asheville United States

Mark Medlin's been traveling since his parents took him on a plane trip when he was 6 months old from Raleigh to Louisville in 1957.

His first camping trip at age 3 was to the Mills River State Park in western North Carolina with his father. He and his daddy slept in his father's WWII issued "pup-tent." In 1961 when Mark was 5, his father took him on his first trip to the Biltmore House, the 250+ room mansion in Asheville, NC. In 1961, you drove to the front door of the house to park and went inside, there was a swimming pool where they have concerts on a lawn now and the terrace outside the majestic library was covered in a beautiful canopy of wisteria where they sold Biltmore ice cream.

A lot's changed since then. Through the years, Mark's been fortunate to have seen much of the United States, Canada and France, but you only have a "Now I've turned 60 years old" travel adventure once in life. Tonight Mark shares the story of his with us.

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When You Turn Sixty, Sometimes the Trip You Take Surprises You

@ VOL 19 ON JUN 01, 2018

Mark Medlin has been lots of places, but nothing prepared him for the trip he tells you about here.

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Jun 01, 2018