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Mariëlle Daemen

Co-Founder and Chair, Kids2School Foundation in Heerlen Netherlands

The importance of education is playing a significant role in my life. I am working as Senior Communications Officer at Maastricht School of Management (MSM), one of the most international business schools of the Netherlands.
Next to my job at MSM I dedicate a great deal of my free time to our KIds2School foundation. Based on our true belief that education is a basic right for each child (and not a privilege) we aim to give poor children in The Gambia the possibility to go to school. For me it is important to contribute to a better world in some way, even though it is on a small scale.

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Providing hope to children in the Gambia

@ VOL 34 ON JAN 30, 2018

For Mariëlle Daemen, starting a foundation had been a dream ever since she visited the Gambia for the first time. Back then, she witnessed poverty and many children not being able to go to school. This led her to co-found the Kids2School Foundation. 

Starting from the principle that education is a basic right for every child in the world, Kids2School is trying to give more children in the Gambia access to education. Children who out of poverty would never have a chance to go to school and as such could never hope for a better future for them and their family. For the sponsors of the children, the foundation provides a very direct, one-on-one opportunity to contribute to a better world as well.

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Maastricht @ Tapijn Brasserie
Jan 30, 2018