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Maria Tomai

Research assistant in Athens Greece

Maria Tomai is a Research Assistant at the University of United Nations in Maastricht (UNU-MERIT). She holds a MSc. in Global Innovation Economics from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands and a BSc. in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece. Her masters’ dissertation was on the topic of solid waste management in European countries, analyzing the challenges, solution designs and pathways for possible catch-up, taking Maastricht and Athens as a case study. She recently extended this exploration to the context of emerging countries, undertaking a field research in Accra, Ghana.

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A World Apart: My Experience in Ghana

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Maria Tomai just came back from a six-week stay in Ghana where she researched the topic of solid waste management. Apart from her research, there were many insights that she gained during her stay about the value of personal relationships.

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Maastricht @ Lumière Cinema
Jun 19, 2018