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Maria Li Lok Yee

Educator in Maker Education/ DIY Biologist, MakerBay in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Maria Li is a lifelong learner who is passionate about biotechnology, education, entrepreneurship, and making.

In 2014, Maria joined the iGEM competition (synthetic biology) to genetically engineer bacteria that help people to lose weight. Her long-term goal is to become an inventor-educator so that she can combine her passion for research with her desire to teach and share knowledge with others. Currently, she is teaching in Holm Glad No.2 Primary School via the "Learning By Doing" (LBD) program on young maker education.

Maria received her degree in Applied Biology from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). In her spare time, she will be working on her citizen science research in a biohacker group - DIYBIO Hong Kong.
Working in MakerBay is an exciting "learning-by-doing" journey. Maria not only learn a lot of new skills here, but also the various experiences she get here help her find her "WHY" - " I live to inspire and empower people to take action to make their dreams come true."


2014年,她參加了國際合成生物學iGEM競賽,通過遺傳工程改造幫助人們減肥的細菌。她的長期目標是成為一名發明家及教育者,這樣她就可以將自己對研究的熱情與對教學和與他人分享知識的渴望結合起來。在創新教育教育實驗“邊做邊學”(Learning By Doing)計劃中,Maria在堅樂第二小學指導學生及老師學習運用創客技能來創造出他們所想,建立創意自信。

Maria於香港城市大學取得應用生物學學位。在工餘時間,她更組織了一個生物創客社社實驗室 (DIY BIO Hong Kong),讓更多人能夠接觸、學習並進行公民科學研究。

在MakerBay工作是一個令人興奮的“邊做邊學”之旅。Maria不僅在這裡學到了很多新技能,而且她在這裡獲得的各種經歷幫助她找到了生命的「為什麼」 - 我活著是為了能激勵人們採取行動並賦予他們實現夢想的能力。

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Make to invent - you can do it too

@ VOL 29 ON MAY 31, 2019

MARIA LI from Makerbay shares her experience of inventing and producing things with her own hands and how to achieve more by staying out of comfort zone.