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Mara Hauser

CEO and Founder, 25N Coworking in Geneva United States

Mara Hauser is an entrepreneur, an interior designer, a mother of two and the driving force behind the creation of 25N Coworking. A graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in interior design, she has been bringing a unique vision to the workplace of the future for businesses nationwide for over 30 years.

Although her corporate design experience spans numerous industries and company size, her forte has been designing workspaces for enterprise companies with 10 or more locations. This includes corporate offices as well as businesses in the hospitality and banking arenas. Attuned to the interplay between worker and office environment, she now turns her focus to building innovative workspaces for the small business, home-based business entrepreneur, independent worker and contingent employee.

Her goal is to best utilize space, furniture, and equipment to leverage productivity while satisfying a worker’s fundamental needs for privacy, comfort, camaraderie, community and convenience. Again, her experience in hospitality and customer service comes into play as she works to build a community at 25N Coworking.

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@ VOL 1 ON OCT 01, 2015

As a student of the evolving workplace, Mara Hauser explores how technology and culture have inspired new ways to work. Using historical references to collaborative farms (1700s), sweatshops (1800s), and the age of electronic business machines (1900s), Mara shares insights on the dynamic shifts that took place when technology got smaller, lighter, and more portable, allowing people to work from anywhere. As the most recent stage in this evolution, “coworking” is the new, economical alternative for working independently—but not alone—in a flexible, productive, shared workspace.

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Batavia @ Riverview Banquets Batavia
Oct 01, 2015