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Manushak Vahramyan

in Yerevan Armenia

Manushak Vahramyan is one of the co-founders and the director of the first anticafe in Armenia-AEON.
Manushak currently works as a Finance Manager in RAFA Solutions LLC, a systems engineering company. She studied Economics and is part qualified ACCA ( member. Before being involved in IT sector Manushak worked in the consulting and banking sectors while writing business plans and doing strategic consulting for various businesses. Finally she found an idea that was worth writing a business plan for her own business and together with friends established a new type of an entertainment and cultural public space in Yerevan. AEON ( quickly became a beloved gathering place both for progressive youngsters and freelancers, providing a platform for any activity. Together with co-founder Carine and collaborating with other creative individuals, she later on established another new initiative, first workshops festival in Armenia, “HARTAK” (, that successfully pioneered this new format and became an annual event.
She held multiple trainings/workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, start-ups and business idea development. Manushak also attended various international conferences and forums on entrepreneurship and leadership. Being a big fan of music she plays in a soft rock band and likes attending music festivals around the world.

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Yerevan @ TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Apr 10, 2017