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Manolis Anastasakos

Visual Artist in Athens Greece

Manolis Anastasakos hails from Greece and has done solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Balkan countries, in Asia and America. He worked as a sculptor, painter, director, engraver, set designer for movies, theater productions and television. He worked for the opening ceremony of the 28th Olympic games in Greece. Many contemporary museums and private collectors own several artworks from him.
Now he work as a freelance artist all over the world. His work has earned him several international awards. He enjoys working as a mural painter and a street artist. 2011 he did his 3rd personal exhibition called “Personhood”.

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@ VOL 4 ON SEP 20, 2013

Freedom is man's capacity to choose, with dignity, commitments to himself. Really free is the man who can set the limits of self - awareness that creates the outline of his existence.

"Freedom" is to act in accordance with what creates love in your soul.

Therefore it is not enough to not be enslaved to be free. We need to walk in accordance with what causes love. For example what excites or stirs your soul. Living a life of routine and mediocracy, you are not free.

Manolis Anastassakos, released through Art!

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Heraklion @ Nikos Kazantzakis Open Air Theatre
Sep 20, 2013