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Mandy Wintink

Chief Provacateur & Founding Director at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience, Centre for Applied Neuroscience & UofT in Toronto Canada

Mandy is the Founding Director of the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. CAN is a company committed to introducing people to ways in which they can know their own brains through learning neuroscience and psychology and practicing mindfulness and yoga. Mandy teaches courses through CAN and also several psychology and neuroscience courses at the University of Toronto. She is also the co-founder of Body Monologues, a not-for-profit organization devoted to creating awareness, openness, and community around our experiences in our bodies. In all elements of Mandy's work, she aims to bring together the modern science of the west with the ancient wisdom and philosophy of the east to create holistic experiences and curriculum related to personal development, self-actualization, happiness, and general life satisfaction.

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How the Brain Tricks Itself

@ VOL 29 ON APR 01, 2014

A neuroscientist, life coach and yoga teacher, Mandy Wintink shows a myriad of ways that our brain works to fool itself. At the core of this phenomenon is memory consolidation and reconsolidation, or how our brains actually use previously embedded memories, knowledge and context to "fill in the blanks" and absorb new information. 

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Toronto @ The Lab
Apr 01, 2014