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Mahieu Lola


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Urban Folding Bench - Concept to Prototype

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

It is during a master project semester about design that Lola Mahieu, an architecture student, is working about the concept of unfolding the ground. After making a scenography that is coming out the ground, she participates to the call of projects « Lyon City Design 2015 » and she comes up with a folding urban bench. It was conceptualized to replace the retractable bollards and allow the modularity of urban spaces. She is one of the winners and she received a three thousand euro prize to build a prototype that would be exhibited in Lyon city less than a year later. In her speech she evokes the difficulty she finds partnering with manufacturer and urban developers ready to innovate. She also explains what she gained in this experience as an architect beginner. {In French}

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Nantes @ ENSA
Jul 01, 2015