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Maha Nasrallah

Architect in Beirut Lebanon

After a long experience on large scale projects in office practice, I started my own office in 2002 with a focus on design. The aim is to be able to develop an architectural language that responds to the local needs and regional characteristics while using a contemporary vocabulary. The projects included low budget private projects and rural development projects for NGOs and local Municipalities as well as residential projects and Interiors. In 2008, I started a collaboration with Prime Design on Climate Responsive Design Projects. This lead me to focus on Eco-Friendly design in my following projects, including Casa Batroun

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Casa Batroun - The Story of an Eco-Friendly House

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Maha Nasrallah and Maya Karkour share the adventurous experience of turning an old house into an exemplary, award winning eco-friendly home. Green magic, if you will! 

Taking something old and crumbling away, and refurbishing it and enhancing what is already there, is a step closer to eco-friendly living and homes. Reusing and recycling wood, and using natural materials, Maha and Maya were able to create and inspire more to do the same. 

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Beirut @ STATION
Sep 10, 2014