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Lyndall Phelps

Artist in Ely United Kingdom

I am a visual artist who has recently been invited by Bedford Creative Arts to undertake a mini-residency at The Higgins Bedford. My love of all things avian has lead me to The Higgins fine collection of eighteenth century porcelain bird tureens and figurines, which are fascinating. I have become intrigued by their original function as decorative tableware for desserts and the unexpected parallels that exist between the porcelain birds and natural history collections at The Higgins.

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Ceramic Birds

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 07, 2013

Lyndall Phelps is doing a residency at The Higgns Art Gallery and Museum. The Higgins has allowed her handle and catalogue the works within their collection for the benefit of her art works. She did so and has become obsessed with the sheer variety of ornithological species she has found.

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Bedford @ The Ent Shed, Gordon Arms
Nov 07, 2013