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Luis Fernando Castillo Castillo

Architect, Urbanist, Maker, Fabber, Professor, CUNOC, La Granja Fab Lab in Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Luis Fernando Castillo Castillo

Guatemalan urbanist architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He has postgraduate studies in Barcelona, Spain from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in Urban and Regional Development and another in Barcelona architecture. He has also completed professional specialization programs:
Specialization Program in Urban Strategic Planning for CIDEU (Centro Iberoamericana en Desarrollo Estratégico Urbano); Course Sustainable Urban Mobility by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Agencia de Ecología Urbana de Barcelona; And Professional Development Course on Land Management in Large Urban Projects Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

He has received awards in architectural competitions in Guatemala and recognition of academic and professional institutions for academic work and professional development in the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Since 2009 he is professor and expert consultant on urban planning. During 2012-13 he was a consultant for Sustainable Mobility Plan for the Municipality of Quetzaltenango and during 2014-15 he was consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank Initiative for Sustainable Emerging Cities Quetzaltenango. Speaker at various conferences and symposia architecture and urban planning, among others in the Central Urban Forum and International Symposium Managua; Conferences and schools and faculties of architecture (CLEFA) San Jose, Costa Rica and in Asuncion, Paraguay.

From 2012-15 he is president of the board of Ciudad de la Imaginación, non-profit association that promotes contemporary art and critical thinking. He is founder of the volunteer group of architecture (GRAVA) dedicated to address problems of social architecture in the western region of Guatemala. And as an entrepreneur and creative is currently Director of the Taller de Bio-Arquitectura y Urbanismo Sostenible (Baus) dedicated to consulting planning and urban design, and Director of La Granja Fab Lab, a digital fabrication laboratory based in Quetzaltenango, which It is dedicated to research and experimentation of social innovation projects to provide local solutions in context.