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Luciana Haill

Artist and Researcher in St Leonards United Kingdom

Luciana Haill is a contemporary Surrealist working with neuro-technologies. She has developed this into a series of performances and installations involving the realtime monitoring and sonification of the participants own brainwaves using techniques from Lucid Dreaming, hypnosis and meditation, she is considered a pioneering artist in her field. Luciana experienced viral meningitis as a teenager which led to a fascination with the brain. Her work researches pioneers in Neuroscience & Cybernetics whilst simultaneously exploring interconnections with parallel trends from Surrealism with ‘The Beats’, expressed in a convergence with neuro-technologies, digital media, performance, sound and her drawings.

Her recent practice has focused on artist Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, Entoptic visuals and the phenomena ‘Flicker’. The ‘Phrontesterion’ (EEG & Dreamachine) references the notion of ‘The Visionary’ and was shown internationally in venues including The Royal Academy, The Waag Society in Amsterdam, Kinetica Art fair London and KIBLA in Slovenia.

Her participatory installations and performances have also taken place internationally as mentioned above, and also including : The October Gallery London, CENART in Mexico City DF, The Royal Institute, ICT & Art Connect in Lithuania and EU Parliament in Brussels, ‘Lates’ in The Science museum, FACT in Liverpool, The Sage Gateshead, iMal Gallery in Brussels, The Secret Garden Party Oxford, The Frequency Arts festival in Lincoln and KIBLA festival in Slovenia.

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The Art and Neuroscience of Lucid Dreaming

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 09, 2016

Have you had a lucid dream? Interdisciplinary artist Luciana Haill talks about her fascination and exploration into lucid dreaming. This informative presentation gives food for thought on how we act when sleeping, and how we really dream..