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Lisa Ling

in Arlington United States

A social entrepreneur, world-class martial artist, educator and lawyer who has worked with children, youth and adults around the world to integrate & balance body, mind and spirit to rise to their highest creative potential.  She is co-founder of Motivate Canada, an award-winning organization that has transformed the lives of over 1 million young people through it’s proven methodology of Youth Driven Development.  As a Human Potential Coach, she helps people reach excellence through joy in everything they do.  Living in 6 countries on 5 continents has shown her that in one key way we are all the same - we all want to be happy and fulfill our potential.  And we can.  Lisa now calls the Washington DC area home with her husband of 20+ years and 2 kids.

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Me at 12 to My Daughter at 12: A Story of Connection

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 15, 2018

Is success the key to happiness?

At one point in her life, Lisa Ling had become an accomplished martial artist, concert pianist, lawyer, and even an Action Queen, but realized that it was not making her happy. Her presentation is a letter to her daughter at 12, about what she wished she had known when she was 12-- that chasing success will not make you happy, and that it is important to let go of control and feel the love within. Now, she measures success by how much joy she had in the day, which we might also do well to emulate.

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Alexandria @ Busboys and Poets Shirlington
Mar 15, 2018