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Liam Goodman

Photographer in Beacon United States

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TracBall Heros

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 17, 2015

"I often describe Tracball as a combination of tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, curling, waterpolo, chess, and sailing." 

In "Tracball Heros" from PechaKucha Night Beacon Vol. 3, famed Tracball Legend Richard McElroy III stands in for Liam Goodman to (comedically) elucidate us on the fabled past and historical roots of the ancient "sport" of TracBall, shining a spotlight on the legends of the game (himself included). If you're not laughing by the time his story leads to a nearly fatal injury, after which McElroy was saved by scrapbooking (!) which unexpectedly lead him to a life of Tracball philanthropy(!!), you will be when, in closing, he coerses the crowd to sing him Happy 40th Birthday. (Performance Comedy at its finest.)

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, November 20th, 2015. 

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Beacon @ Quinn's
Sep 17, 2015