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Lena Kotler-Wallace

Social Media Strategist, PhylaVox Social Media in Atlanta United States

With nothing more than a dream and some sexy stockings, Lena created her ideal job as a social media strategist for a fancy salon chain, driving traffic and sales with an insightful understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Lena is the mastermind behind Modophile, an innovative project attracting the attention of her favorite clothing brand. She spent a year as the promotions liaison for Bang! Arts, and another year as a culinary creative studying pastry at Art Institute of Atlanta. With decades-old connections to Atlanta’s mysterious theater community, a passion for aerial arts, and approximately 16 different hair colors under her belt, there’s very little Lena hasn’t done.

When not navigating the waters of social media, Lena spends her time nagivating the waters of motherhood and the modern marriage. If she's lucky she gets to play her ukulele, drink a glass of her favorite whiskey (2 cubes please and thank you) and read a book or two.

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Social Media Marketing For the Socially Awkward

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Lena Kotler-Wallace takes us through utilizing social media to reach our audience by showing us the differences of each of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

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Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
May 18, 2014