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Lazar Favors

Everyday Business Director, Everydayimok! in Detroit, MI United States

Born and raised in Detroit, Lazar Favors began his entrepreneurial endeavors at a very early age. Lazar has owned, operated and developed businesses in the entertainment and fashion industry for over 20 years. He is the owner of Mr. Favors Concierge Services est. (2013). Mr. Favors provides up and coming entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge, resources and step by step assistance leading to starting a business. Lazar is the Co-owner of Rjr Custom Tees. Rjr is a Wholesale Custom Graphic Designs T-shirt Print Company. ( est. in 2001)
Today Mr. Favors is the Ceo of, a (Positive Apparel Brand) he founded in 2015... to empower underrepresented communities with fundraising opportunities for organizations and inspire people from all walks of life to the fullest with his IMOK! campaign.

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Every Day, I'm Okay

@ VOL 35 ON MAY 10, 2018

He inspires communities by delivering the message that no matter what you’re going through, you are OK. By spreading hope & love, Lazar Favors and his team change the landscape with positive thoughts.

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Detroit @ Grand River Annex
May 10, 2018

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Detroit @ The Owl and the Raven
Feb 02, 2018