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Laurence Davey

Musician in EDINBURGH United Kingdom

My first musical "success" was as the drummer with the band Dogs Die In Hot Cars. We achieved a goal we had set ourselves while still at school, when were signed by V2 in London in 2003. We toured and recorded extensively for the next 2 years. We sold around 100,000 albums worldwide, touring in Europe, America, Japan and Australia. Our debut single, I Love You Cos I Have To, reached number 23 in the UK charts.. However, I quickly became disillusioned with the topsy-turvy life we were living within the music industry, and my ambitions to be a successful musician seemed more and more hollow and unfulfilling. I left the band in 2006, and pursued several different interests for the next 8 or so years, including furniture-making, yoga-teaching, and gardening. 3 years ago, what seems to be my true calling raised it's head once more, and I committed to taking music 'seriously' again. This time, as a singer/songwriter, I am determined to focus on the process, rather than the goal, and I already feel more successful now as a musician than I ever have before, without having really started, in career terms at least...

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Edinburgh @ Epworth Hall
Apr 22, 2016