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Kristy Carter, AICP, is a Transportation Planner with JM Teague Engineering & Planning. Her work runs the planning gamut–community and economic development, land use planning, training & facilitation, main street development, mapping and visualization — you name it, Kristy has probably done it. Her specialty areas include long-range planning and visioning, facilitation and training, and bicycle and pedestrian planning. Prior to her time as a planner, Kristy worked with homeless folks and with the affordable housing community in Asheville, NC. Because Kristy can’t get enough of planning in her day job, she is currently Vice-Chair of the City of Asheville’s Planning and Zoning Commission, is a member of the City’s Multi-Modal Commission, and she is a former member of the City’s Board of Adjustment. Kristy is an avid fan of the Catamounts of Western Carolina University, from which she has a BS and an MPA. Kristy’s real love is cycling and bikes.

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White People on Maney

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 03, 2017

Many of our neighborhoods have long standing privilege based on early policy decisions. See the difference (and inherent privilege) contrast of one North Asheville neighborhood to other areas of the city.

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Mar 03, 2017