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Kristina Martinez

Company Manager, Atlas Improv Co. in Madison United States

Kristina Martinez is the company manager of Atlas Improv Company. She is interested in character development, storytelling, and leading corporate training sessions and during the day she does library stuff. Catch her in an Atlas show every Friday or Saturday night at 8 pm or 10 pm.

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Improv Madness: Nightmares from My Childhood

@ VOL 17 ON APR 14, 2016

Improv Madness: Comedians from 2 local Improv Troops made 20x20 presentations for each other. The audience suggested the topic, in this case, "Nightmares from My Childhood." Hilarity ensued.

Kristina Martinez, a native of Holland, had a hard time adapting to the cultural differences here Wisconsin. Holland, Michigan is quite literally another state; she likes to call it “the real mitten state.” (That’s okay, we all know better) A mild-mannered law librarian during the day, she turns into the Atlas Improve Company Manager at night---though sometimes it happens around 2:30 pm in the afternoon, so be careful around her.