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Kristi Borst

Integrative Quantum Healer & Fractal Artist, Healing Resonance Llc in Wells, ME United States

Kristi Borst is an integrative quantum healer, Reiki Master, and spiritual guide for empowerment and Self-Mastery. She offers her Healing Resonance mind-body-spirit-emotion release and Perspective Reboot® activations through one-on-one and group sessions, her blogs, videos & social media. Her energy-in-form healing artwork containing fractals and high resonance hand-drawn elements are featured in her PechaKucha.

Kristi was born with insights and abilities to help heal the physical and calm the soul … what she calls her Healing Resonance. After healing herself as a toddler, Kristi was ordered to hide her healing gift. Kristi learned to hide, not only from the world, but from herSelf. Nearly 50 years later, after a dramatic encounter with an American Bald Eagle in 2011, Kristi began experiencing herself and her place in the world differently.

After reading about fractals in 2012, Kristi decided to combine her graphic design skills with the healing energy she was feeling within. She experimented with layers of color, contrast, and emotion ... creating from the space of love and connectedness with all. Kristi found that people were touched by her art, sensing a movement or a special calling from her images.

Kristi invites you to “be a sponge”, and absorb the loving Healing Resonance and light in the energy-in-form healing art selected for this “Healing Through Love & Art” Pecha Kucha.

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Healing Through Love & Art

@ VOL 36 ON FEB 13, 2019

Healing Through Love & Art by Kristi Borst.

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Portsmouth NH @ 3S Artspace
Feb 13, 2019