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Kristen Dahms

Artist in Yorktown United States

Nature and animals are the foundation of my paintings. They offer endless inspiration and subjects for my brush. My art focuses on exploration in color, texture, and pattern. I experiment with different materials, applications, and colors to express a feeling or mood. My paintings entice the viewer to take a closer look and discover the hidden images and small paintings with in the main image. Painting for me is about finding those complex layers of life and form found in the natural world and expressing them in my own way.

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Self Expression Through Mixed Media

@ VOL 8 ON JUN 14, 2014

Kristen Dahms makes beautifully intricate art with layers of various media and subjects. Through this presentation we can see, step by step, how she progresses from concept to finished piece, building layer upon layer of what she referes to as chaos. So be carefull when you look into a finished piece- you might just get lost for a while.

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Williamsburg @ Gloucester Arts On Main
Jun 14, 2014