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Kim Jorgensen Gane

Realtor®| Writer | Producer | #Write2TheEnd co-facilitator, Pete Jorgensen Real Estate in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor United States

KIM JORGENSEN GANE is every woman, every mom, every writer. After many Erica Kane worthy iterations, she is firmly rooted back in her hometown, content with writing, selling real estate, and producing/co-directing Listen to Your Mother®, Southwest Michigan. She is wife to a taco truck owning photographer, aunt to a trombone, baseball, and video game playing live-in nephew, and mom/stepmom to a mine, a his (two grown, married daughters) and an ours: a middle grade, cello playing, dragon-obsessed boy and his furry brothers—two standard poodles that follow her everywhere.

At her website, Kim writes about politics and other things that matter, including parenting through midlife crisis, infertility, health and wellness, personal empowerment, real estate and life in beautiful southwest Michigan.

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Post 911 Restaurant Ruin to BajaGringo Taco Truck Dream

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 19, 2016

Kim Jorgensen Gane is a realtor, writer, producer and "Write2TheEnd" facilitator. She is ALSO the wife of taco-truck-owning photographer, Scott Gane, and she will tell us about their checkered history, and how it led to BajaGringo Taco Truck!


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Mother Ffffeminist

@ VOL 10 ON SEP 16, 2017

Kim Jorgensen Gane is a local producer and co-director of the national live storytelling show called Listen to Your Mother. Kim is a writer and a Realtor® and she recently ran for public office.

She and her husband Scott have raised a generation of girls to married adulthood, and they are now raising two high school-aged boys, one of whom is their nephew.

Mother Ffffeminist, she’s got a lot to say about motherhood, marriage, what feminism really means, and how the sexes can come together to heal the divides in our current hyper-sexualized political and social climate. You don’t have to agree, but you really should hear her answers to questions like, “why did women march on January 21st?” You might just discover that we’re really not as far apart as the “sides” want us to believe.


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St Joseph @ The Livery Microbrewery
Sep 16, 2017

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St Joseph @ Box Factory for the Arts
May 19, 2016