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Kevin Nee

Bicycle Tourist in Baton Rouge United States

Kevin was born in Gardner, MA in 1955 and moved to Tullahoma, TN at the age of two. He graduated Tullahoma High School in 1973, where he had already begun to foster a love of cycling and gymnastics, among other things. He attended Jacksonville State University on a gymnastics scholarship, and moved to Louisiana in 1978 to pursue a Masters at Southeastern Louisiana University. From there, he began his teaching and coaching career at Baton Rouge High School in 1979, where he still presides as Athletic Director and gymnastics coach. Thirty-nine years later, he has 30 State Championships and 20 runner-ups credited to his boys and girls teams. Along with gymnastics, cycling has remained a constant in Kevin’s life, with long-distance touring beginning in the early 80s. Highlights include rides from Baton Rouge to New York in 1983, a transnational ride in 2015, an 1,100mi ride around the Gaspe Peninsula in 2014, and dozens of rides up and down the Natchez Trace. More recently, winter rides presented a new and appealing challenge. He thanks his wife of 42 years, Cindi, and his children, Josh and Jess, for their patience and understanding.

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Bicycle Touring

@ VOL 7 ON JAN 26, 2018

Find out why bicycle tourist Kevin Nee thinks life at eleven miles an hour is better than zooming by at 70 mph.

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Baton Rouge @ Perkins Rowe
Jan 26, 2018