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Kevin 玮晋 Chueng 张

Industrial Designer 工业设计师 in Hongkong 香港 Hong Kong

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Upcycling product design 废弃物品回收设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

“利用本地废料设计新产品” 首先他简述了自己的经历,读书的时候,老师告知他们做设计的意义是为了改善生活。随后他进入了电子产品行业,面对第一次自己的作品在商铺展现的时候,他觉得需要属于自己的东西,而不是量化产品。看我们的世界正面临着环境危机,他认为,设计师有责任,通过循环利用资源,让这个世界变得更美好。他利用废料来创建新产品,同时也与不同的非政府组织就地取材生产产品。他希望能够激发人们对新视角的产品是怎样制成的,消耗和处理。

"Designs new products with the use of local scrap". At first, he shortly introduced his own experience. When he was a student, the teacher told them that the meaning of design was to improve life. Later on, he entered the electronics industry. When it was the first time for him to show his work in the shop, he found it necessary to own something his own, rather than quantified products. Realizing that the world was facing an environmental crisis, he felt, as a designer, he had the duty to make the world better through cyclic utilization of resources. He created new products with the scrap, and produced some products with local materials together with various NGOs. He hoped to inspire people’s idea on how the products of new perspective are made and how to consume and dispose them.