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Kent Tompkins

Photographer/Videographer/Psychotherapist, Self Employed in Fort Collins United States

Continually immersed in visual arts and natural surroundings as a kid in western Colorado, I knew from an early age my desire to express visually. My work has taken him around the world documenting culture, people, landscape and indigenous qualities we all share.

I'm essentially self-taught, mentoring by Ansel Adams and collegial collaboration with other master photographers.

I've taught the art of creating visually, the soup to nuts techniques, black and white film and darkroom archival printing, and candid portraiture. Over decades, a favorite has been putting cameras in kids' hands, across many cultures I've taught in various community colleges, at an art institute, in wilderness indigenous programs and workshops.

In my early twenties, while hitchhiking after a photo shoot, I landed on Navajo land in Arizona and stayed for many years. There, I documented culture, sacred sites and landscape by invitation of various indigenous wisdom keepers.

This indigenous collaborative work has expanded into Canada and the First Nations tribes. Along the way, Arizona Commission on the Arts has funded bodies of this indigenous work.

The Colorado Commission on the Arts, and and Eagle-Vail Arts Councils have also funded some of my major projects throughout the west slope of Colorado. My deep roots in farming and ranching have led me to document homesteaders throughout the Vail valley and the community of farmers surrounding my hometown of Fruita, Colorado.

Over the past thirty years, I've loved working with many musicians, folk and music festivals and record producers.
Several years ago, setting out to become competent as a videographer and editor, has introduced a new learning curve. This work continues expanding artistically and commercially.

My mentoring of younger visual artists, therapists and those coming into their wisdom as healers, allows for others to graft onto teachings that were instrumental on my path. I continue collaborative work with various indigenous psychologists and writers as well, exploring diversity and integrative healing approaches.

I've maintained a private practice as a licensed therapist for twenty-five years.

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A World of Faces

@ VOL 5 ON AUG 16, 2018

In his talk, Kent Tompkins shares captivating candid portraits of the various people he encountered during his world travels. Not only did Kent photograph these individuals, he bonded with them to dive deeper into the inner workings of their culture and lives. He has specially selected photographs during his encounters with Native Americans, Egyptians, and Indians, all of which who have unique stories to share. This presentation makes one reminiscent of famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaed's quote, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” 

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Fort Collins @ The Downtown Artery
Aug 16, 2018