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Kelly Broderick

Co-Founder of the Learning Space in Hanoi Viet Nam

I travel through life seeking of truth, growth & experience, to connect more deeply with why I am here & what I want to achieve. I am passionate about personal development, consciousness & alternative education.

I'm the Co-founder of a project in Hanoi called the Learning Space, which is a community space for learning & sharing. We teach children English through meaningful topics and help promote their creativity, self-awareness & individuality. We also host workshops, events & summer camps.

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You are More than You

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 26, 2017

A short talk from Kelly Broderick about how we can realise our true identities as presence energy, not only physical bodies. The discovery of our true energy helps empower us to feel more capable and in control of the direction of our lives. The importance of focus inside on yourself helps us use our true energy to truly be present in life & fully experience the present moment more deeply.

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Hanoi @ The Rotten Grapes Theater
Aug 26, 2017