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Kellen Catani

Designer, Maker, Purebred Wood and Craft co. in knoxville United States

Kellen Catani is the chief designer and maker behind the scenes at Purebred. He draws from his engineering background and Italian heritage as he develops his skill and creative expression. His family came to the States with a viola to perform in New England's operas, eventually making it to the Met. Over the next century the family produced a plaster artist, a bridge builder, and now a woodworker. At the end of the day, Catani's preeminent value is authenticity. Forming wood into functional objects is an expression of his passion.

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Authenticity, The Italian Artisan, and Wood

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 11, 2016

Wood speaks for itself. The tree grows for years, learning about the Earth, becoming its own, developing character. Never perfect, but a unique form a life that always seems to mesmerize. Kellen Catani and his company Purebred Wood and Craft Co. cherishes this imperfection. When it is time for the tree to move on, they repurpose its life into functional and beautiful objects, fully embracing the culture of the Italian artisan as they labor. Purebred exposes the persona that resides in the tree and therefrom create their own expression of authenticity, always exemplifying a deep respect for this material that no man can truly comprehend.

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Knoxville @ The Bijou Theatre
Feb 11, 2016