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Katrina JacobsenJensen

Creative Writer in Maastricht Netherlands

As long as she can meet each day with curiosity and passion, the activities of that day are secondary. Katrina lives a diversly creative life and is very fortunate to have vibrant and inspiring people to share it with. Her focus is on authentically engaging with the people who surround her while commiting to push limits, challenge beliefs and redefine what we think we know about ourselves. She seeks to gain greater awareness about what is possible when we face our fears and inspire others to follow suit.

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Redefining identity

@ VOL 27 ON NOV 23, 2015

Katrina Marie observes how we choose to define ourselves and asks herself whether the stories we have created empower us to engage in the life we desire. Her PechaKucha presentation is about redefining identity.

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Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Nov 23, 2015